Valencia is one of the cities with the highest quality of life in Spain. Among all the reasons that exist for choosing Valencia as the place to live , here you have the 10 best. The climate, the gastronomy, the prices of goods and the cultural and leisure offer are, especially, among the most important reasons.

Some general facts about Valencia

Valencia, the third most populated city in Spain (with around 800,000 inhabitants), is a mixture of cosmopolitan city and the aroma of the sea.

Popularly known for its Fallas festival, the city is now also a symbol of urban modernity and science, thanks to its magnificent City of Arts and Sciences. But its historical monuments, its rice fields, its art museums and even a macrozoo (the Bioparc), among other attractions and claims of enormous interest, also compete today to attract the attention of those who have decided to live in Valencia

The sea that bathes its secluded beaches of Las Arenas and the Malvarrosa, as well as the additional protagonism that the city has been acquiring at international level, has made it one of the most suitable Spanish and European cities in the last few years to live. Reasons, as we say, are not lacking.

Prices and cost of living. 

In the city of Valencia , prices are below other major cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, which makes it a better claim to increase purchasing power without the need to make great efforts and with the possibility of leading a good lifestyle.

To give you an idea, 600 euros is what it costs on average to rent a one or two room apartment in the capital of Turia. If you want to buy a flat, the price of a square metre in the centre of Valencia is approximately 2,600 euros, and on the outskirts 1,400 euros.

The metro is the most important means of transport. used by people residing in Valencia. The single journey costs 1,50€. (one zone), while a 10-trip voucher costs €7.60. The litre of gasoline in Valencia costs on average 1.30 euros. The costs of electricity, water and electricity for two people in a flat of 85m2 about 140 euros. You can dine in a middle-class restaurant for 20 euros, go to a cinema located in the center of the city for about 9 euros a ticket, and about 350 euros a month is what it’ll cost you to leave a child in day care.

A well-connected city.

Valencia has a wide coverage of public transport where you can use: metro, bus, tram and the popular ‘Valenbisi’. For journeys outside the city, you can take the suburban trains (which depart from the Estación del Norte) and long-distance trains (Estación Joaquín Sorolla), as well as buses. The combination of public transport is exemplary and affordable. Manises airport is the eighth Spanish airport in terms of passenger traffic. It is located only 9 kilometres from Valencia, between the municipalities of Manises and Quart de Poblet, in the vicinity of the city of Valencia.

The weather.

The Spanish Mediterranean area has the best climate in Europe and the city of Valencia is here, on the banks of the river Turia. The weather in Valencia is usually warm and peaceful for much of the year.

Winters are mild and the average temperature throughout the year is 17.8 degrees Celsius. There are no less than 300 days of sunshine a year, something that Valencians themselves consider “the best therapy for happiness”.

Great cultural and leisure options.

In Valencia you can enjoy thousands of fun options to do with family, friends or couples. In the city centre you can find art galleries, theatres and concert halls, as well as countless cultural activities: classical and traditional music, opera, concerts, plays, musicals, art exhibitions…

In addition, Valencia breathes culture in its monuments, in its historic centre and in its most modern and expanding area. Among them, the Church of San Nicolás (known as the “Sistine Chapel Valenciana”); the Cathedral, the Silk Exchange, the Basilica and the Tower of the Miguelete; or the City of Arts and Sciences, a spectacular complex formed by the by the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, the Umbracle, the Palace of the Arts Reina Sofía, the Oceanográfic, or and the Àgora, on the other side of the bridge of l’Assut de l’Or.


Valencia is synonymous with Mediterranean gastronomy. The food in the capital of Turia is based on a high consumption of vegetables, rice, fruits and a rich olive oil.

To enjoy the Valencian gastronomic culture is to enjoy a diet full of customs and typical products in a cuisine that never stops reinventing itself.

Razones para vivir en Valencia

Whoever lives in Valencia knows that he will be able to eat a good paella, a tasty baked rice, a rice from Senyoret (based on peeled fish and seafood) or a delicious fideuà.

It is also essential to taste the horchata, either in the city centre, in Santa Catalina, or in Alboraya, cradle of this refreshing drink, which can be accompanied by the traditional ‘fartons’. In addition, the city’s climate invites you to visit the restaurants and terraces of the Paseo Marítimo practically all year round, where traditional cuisine is of a high standard.

The Jardín del Túria and the Circuit 5k.

Walking or running in Valencia is synonymous with enjoying the green lung that is part of daily life in Valencia and the people who live there. A public space of 110 hectares of nature that crosses the city and forms the largest urban garden in Spain.

Enjoying its parks, strolling in bicycle or on foot, spend a day with family or train is very easy, thanks to its Circuit 5k is, a specific lane for the practice of running with 5,731 meters of a special layout for runners and with numerous advantages such as lighting, certified pavement or biosaludable areas.

Las Fallas.

From 1 to 19 March, Valencia is celebrating the Fallas, a festival that combines tradition, satire and art and that no one who lives in the city is lost for anything in the world.

The festival, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is replete with distinctive elements.  That which began as a burning of old junk at the end of the winter has become a multifaceted festival of fireworks, mascletás, criticism, events and music.

To submerge in the fallero environment if living in Valencia is easy and a real pleasure. You can enjoy a mascletà in the Town Hall Square, contemplate the colourful offering of a flowers of the falleros and falleras to the patron saint of the city (the Virgen de los Desamparados); Vivir la ‘Nit del Foc’. in the Paseo de la Alameda to enjoy. an impressive fireworks display or feel the excitement of the fireworks. cremà’, the point and end to the faults of Valencia in which the city fills up of light and color with the fire that burns them.


This natural park is located 10 kilometers south of the city of Valencia. A boat ride on the lake gives the opportunity to admire its great diversity of Mediterranean vegetation and fauna. At dusk, its sunset is one of the Valencian postcards that attracts more visitors.

The beaches.

If you live in Valencia , all you have to do is take a tram or bus and you’ll be on the beach, which you can enjoy all year round. The urban beaches (Malvarrosa and Las Arenas), with fine golden sand, have an extensive promenade with shops that offer, as we have already told you, a taste of the rich and varied local gastronomy.

Everything is at hand in Valencia.

Everything is close. It is a comfortable city and well communicated to move and to find easily any service between its districts and different districts.

For these reasons, Valencia is rated as an ideal city to live in . So if you are thinking of coming and checking it and you need to buy or rent a house in the city , contact CALLAGHAN INMOBILIARIA, your real estate agency in Valencia . In CALLAGHAN INMOBILIARIA we are specialists in the sale of properties in a personalized way and with the most innovative tools. Save time in purchase property in Valencia with the best advice and an exclusive service according to your needs. For more than 20 years we have been providing value in the real estate sector .

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